Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch

I just got this track from a guy named Marty on an email listserv I've been involved with for several years now. This group maintains a pretty scorching hatred for alt.country disaster area Ryan Adams. While it seems like Ryan has always had an embarassingly loud mouth, his solo career and the little critical attention he received a couple of years back for his "New York" single/GOLD album haven't helped things.

He's kind of like Conor Oberst if Oberst had the audacity to believe all the things he reads about himself in the press. Like Oberst, he's prolific to the point that it's a fault. Every once in a while, he hits one out of the park. Ryan Adams' cover of Gillian Welch's "Time (The Revelator)" is one of those home runs. As far as I can tell, this was a demo from his sessions for his debut solo album, HEARTBREAKER. Welch even guests on backing vocals here, and I assume that's Welch partner David Rawlins on guitar.

RYAN ADAMS and GILLIAN WELCH: "Time (The Revelator"


LINCOLN said...

all files (mp3s) are coming up "not found".

thanks for a great blog.

Dylan Gaughan said...

I know... it's driving me nuts. I'm not doing anything differently in regards to posting the files to my host site, so I can't figure out where the disconnect is. I've tried almost everything, so I'm hoping it's a temporary glitch over at my Hostsolutions page.

My first post in a week and it won't work!

countrygrrl said...

i'm with you this blog lark is a bit of a hit or miss. i wrote screeds tonight and lost the lot before posting even though i had saved everything...grrrrrh i was not happy...hope you get the gremlins fixed cos that would be a fab track to get hold off. I saw Gillian Welch here in Edinburgh and she is one class act. I like Ryan Adams although he comes across as one arrogant ****** maybe you have to be to make music..look at Jim Morrison and the stories about him. Good luck!!!!

Dylan Gaughan said...

I think I finally figured out a solution. I won't be able to check it out until late tonight, but I'm almost positive it will work.

Stay tuned, I promise things will be back to status quo in a few hours.

countrygrrl said...

yes!!!!!!!!!!! whatever you tinkered with works...thanks for this faaaab track love your choice as always and glad to see you back blogging keep it eclectic!!!!

Anonymous said...

gahhh...why must this be only a portion of the song? It was just getting good and then faded out.

Thanks, though.

Pat said...

More songs from these sessions at http://www.tobeyoung.org/destroyer.php.