Everything is back in working order now. The downloads should be live again, so rip away, fellow readers, until the next Great Crash comes.

I was looking over some of the stats from my host site and was pleased to see that people have downloaded around 4,000 songs from me in the past 2 months. I even had 14 downloads in Iran. IRAN! Seriously, if anyone from Iran is reading this, post in the comments section. I once sold a Quicksand CD to a girl in Bosnia, through Ebay. I still think about that CD and wonder what that girl thought of the music.

In honor of the "It's a Small World"-ness of the blog universe, I'm going to dish out a little old school American garage rock for the kiddies in all korners of the globe. All of this stuff comes from the fantastic NUGGETS: ORIGINAL ARTYFACTS FROM THE FIRST PSYCHEDELIC ERA 1965-1968 box set. Much love to my roommates for buying that thang for me.

LOVE "7 and 7 IS": I love Love. You saw me... I just posted about the damned guys a day ago and now I'm back on them again. They're just plain bad ass, and "7 and 7 Is" is a prime example why. Boom bip bip, boom bip bip YEAH! If memory serves me correctly, Wes Anderson uses this song in "Bottle Rocket," during the movie's early house robbery, along with Love's masterpiece, "Alone Again Or."


THE SONICS "Strychnine": The Pacific Northwest's answer to the "Hey, WE invented punk rock" argument, The Sonics were grunge decades before that shit got chewed up and spat out in a JC Penny's catalogue. Before the Strokes, before the Stripes -- there was The Sonics.

THE DEL-VETTS "Last Time Around": The first time I ever heard a rendition of this song, it was from a Son Volt bootleg. I thought it was some long lost Stooges cover, but I found out years later it was actually a cover of the Del-Vetts, a Chicago garage rock band that got its start in the early 1960s. "Last Time Around" was pretty much their only big hit, breaking the Top 30 in the US. Rumor has it that lead singer/guitarist Jim Lauer spent much of his post 'Vetts career in mental institutions. A damned tragedy.

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Buy the Nuggets box set (Volume 1 or 2). You can't lose.


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