In like a lion...


My roommate has been sick for about a week now, trapped in bed nursing God-knows-what kind of sickness. I hear lots of coughing, some moaning and a lot of PBS.

So, with him trapped in bed (and our TV therefore trapped in the room with him) I'm starting to get cabin fever. It certainly does not help that I have no money right now, so leaving the house is a fincancial decision I can't even afford to make at this point. I already spent what money I did have by forcing myself to leave the house this weekend and see "A Clockwork Orange" and "Paths of Glory" at The Music Box. With no more Kubrick classics or fun money at my disposal, I'm left with one thing to keep my attention:

Hard fucking rock. They say March comes in like a lion, and from the sound of my friend's lungs, they're right. Here's a little hard rock to silence the beast in your lung:

"Inertiatic (demo)" by THE MARS VOLTA: The new Mars Volta record (FRANCES THE MUTE) was finally released today, and I'm saving up some of that movie cash for my own copy eventually. For now, I'm dishing out a couple of demos from the band. "Inertiatic" was -- in different form -- on their debut album, while "A Plague Upon Your Hissing (demo)" was not. Never heard the Mars Volta? Take Yes and mix it with early Santana and some Fugazi, and there you go.

"Brendan #1" by FUGAZI: Since I already mentioned them, here's some classic instrumental Fugazi for you. "Brendan #1" is an instrumental from their second album, REPEATER. This is one of the greatest rock record of all time, and if you don't own it, I cannot stress to you more how much you need to get out and buy this thing immediately. I picked it up as a Freshman in high school and it changed my life and my musical habits forever. Never heard these guys? Here, check out "Arpeggiator" from the outstanding END HITS album, along with a demo version from the soundtrack to their awesome INSTRUMENT DVD.

Fugazi's page of official live recordings
The Dischord home page
The Mars Volta home page
The Comatorium, a MV fan page



Anonymous said...

dylan, jones. nice pic of ian. glad to see you included the instrument version of arpeggiator, because it kicks so much ass. i almost prefer it to the end hits version. i must weigh in, though, and say that i think my favorite fugazi instrumental is turkish disco. love it. LOVE IT!

Dylan Gaughan said...

I agree with you on the demo of "Arpeggiator." Love that flangey drum sound. Nice call on Turkish Disco... haven't heard it in a while. I'm cueing it up on the computer right now.

countrygrrl said...

love those tracks they rock the ass of a tiger...normally a countrygrrl but enjoy your blog so much i usually visit and rip the tracks and listen to at my leisure...ta very much...

Dylan Gaughan said...

I'll try to get a little country up here in the coming weeks. Thanks!

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