I was sad to hear about Karl Mueller's death from throat cancer earlier last week. Mueller was the bassist for Soul Asylum, one of the bands me and my small group of high school friends held dear to our hearts for those years. While the success of the radio friendly "GRAVE DANCER'S UNION" album put them in the limelight, we all shared a fondness for two of the band's earlier albums, "...AND THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON" and "HANG TIME."

Mueller, in the midst of his throat cancer treatments, had rejoined the band and played bass on their new album, which has yet to find a record label. Say what you will about their later output, but those early records were great, Replacements-style bar rock. And they were a hell of a live band, as well. I only got to see them once, in support of G.D.U. with the Screaming Trees and... dear god... the Spin Doctors as headliners. My friends and I left after the Trees and Soul Asylum sets, which always makes me proud.

In memory of Karl, here are a few tracks from those albums.


"We 3"

For more on Soul Asylum and Karl Mueller:

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m said...

Man, that's a bummer...Karl was a gem.. a real straight talker, goofball, helpful, low key dude... The most unlikely guy to see all lit up on a big stage, and still the most solid of bassists as well...

all those Soul Asylum guys were just the best...damn I miss that band...

It's like watching pieces of my youth melt away when people die, and now Karl.

I recall he never went far without a smoke, and so it goes...

speaking of Smoking Bassists...

Matt Freeman of Op-Ivy/Rancid/Auntie Christ/Social D has got Lung Cancer now

... I remember him driving that damn 69 Newport & taking out the garbage at Gilman...and playing onstage with Op Ivy w/ his eyes all squinted up with a cig in his mouth

Dylan Gaughan said...

I guess it's a bad fucking week to be a bass player...

Damn shame.

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