I got nothin'. (more covers)


Anybody wanna buy some CDs? My move to Omaha is coming in 2.5 weeks, and I'm going to have a lot of shit that I don't want to take with me. Still so much to plan, and a lot to stress about.

In lieu of putting forth any intellectual effort here tonight... I give you... the songs!

"Voices Carry" by SPOUSE: Since I was just posting about Aimee Mann a few days ago, I figured I'd include this cover of 'Til Tuesday's biggest (only?) hit. Not sure where I stand on this one, so you're on your own. I definitely don't like it as much as the original. From the vocals, this version sounds like it's from the viewpoint of the drunk abusive guy instead of the girl's POV.

"Maps" by ADA: I didn't think I was going to like this blissed out electronic version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' hit at first, but I found it pretty hypnotic after a couple of minutes. If you liked the Postal Service cover from the other night, or some of that electronic Radiohead stuff from the B-sides posts, you should check this out.

"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by AL GREEN: I've got to say, Al Green is goddamned reliable when it comes to covering a classic song. If a cover song were an expensive car, you could always trust this guy with your keys. If you've never heard the Hank Williams' original, check it out right now. There are so many great things about both versions of this song, and each guy sounds totally sincere. I really love the restraint shown by Green's backing band, and in his own breathless vocal performance.

"I Love How You Love Me" by JEFF MANGUM: This cover of the Sonny & Cher hit comes from (Neutral Milk Hotel singer/guitarist) Mangum's "LIVE AT JITTERY JOE'S" CD. If you're looking for that disc, I already sold mine. If you check out the Reckless Records over on Broadway, you might find my copy of it. I don't know what goes on at Jittery Joe's (my guess is that it's a coffee shop), but there's a baby at this show. I bet that was fun for the kid... watching some semi-crazy guy singing "Two Headed Boy" and howling into the sky. That reminds me of a Cubs game I recently attended, where I saw a "parent" give their 10 month old baby Skittles, peanut M&M's and enless sips of dad's Pepsi. I'd much rather you took your kid to a Jeff Mangum concert.

"A Well Respected Man" by JOSH ROUSE: I'm one of those people who cannot believe it when someone tells me they like Oasis but don't like The Beatles. It just makes no f#$king sense. But then I consider someone like Josh Rouse and what fans of James Taylor must think of people like me who love the former but can't stomach the latter. I like my wuss-rock, but I'm picky. I love Rouse's take on this Kinks classic, and I like that he tried something very different with the arrangement.

"If You Want Blood" by MARK KOZELEK: The original mash-up artist, Mark Kozelek has for years taken the strangest choices for covers and rendered them almost unrecognizable by applying his own dark, mournful twist. His Red House Painters turned a Cars song ("All Mixed Up") into an anthem of longing, a Yes song ("Long Distance Runaround") into Crazy Horse prog rock, and a Kiss song ("Shock Me") into two different dirges. A few years back, he had his artistic eyes set on AC/DC, the authors of the original "If You Want Blood" for his full length solo debut, "WHAT'S NEXT TO THE MOON." (Trivia: Kozelek played the bassist in Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous," and appeared briefly to mock Tom Cruise in "Vanilla Sky.")


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The Graduate said...

Love the Mark Kozelek and Al Green. Am rather fond of the site too except for the Paul Rodgers hated but I can respect where you're coming from there. The Al Green painting is great too - love the shirt he's wearing!

John Spencer said...

Still using the ol' volunteer-for-the-CPR-demonstration trick, eh? You more life-like than usual.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the songs. I hate that baby gurgling in the background of I Love How You Love Me...But then, again, I think I'd want to be the baby so I could say I saw Jeff Mangum live...

countrygrrl said...

love the al green this is a great track...this blog is fantastic love all your music so thanks again pimp!!!

Amy said...

I think I Love How You Love Me is best known as The Paris Sisters hit from 1961, written by Larry Kolber and Barry Mann. And, more importantly, produced by Phil Spector--which I'm guessing was part of the appeal for Mangum. The song made the charts again when Bobby Vinton recorded it in 1967. Apparently, Bryan Ferry also did a version, but I've never heard that. I'm not familiar with a Sonny & Cher version.

Agree that the kid ruins a lot of the Jittery Joe stuff. That disc came off as kinda opportunistic to me.

Dylan Gaughan said...

Damn, Amy kickin' it with the k-nowledge.

I'm not sure how I feel about that J.Joe's CD. It's not a great concert, but there are a few decent performances. I'm not all that averse to indie artists being opportunistic when it's something like this... a small pressing for a small label. But then, I love Robert Pollard and he's the king of that kind of shit.

Maybe I'm on crack with the Sonny & Cher cover. I think I may just be remembering them performing it in a poorly made TV biopic a few years back. I'm taking your word over mine.

cb said...

Wow! that Spouse track is by one of my buddies from college. That's fantastic. i used to love when they played this track live. But it was extra-special when he played it one time with just electric bass. Incredible. I personally think their cover version owns the original...but that may be my own personal biases coming into play...


scourtney said...

I got dibs on your CDs, right, buddy?