The body is good business...


Check the time at the end of this post. I just got home from work, and I've been up since 7 yesterday.

That is why there are no words this morning. Only songs.

"Natural's Not in It" by GANG OF FOUR: These are the guys that Franz Ferdinand wish they were. Punk, funk and politics all in one angry, angular package.

"Not Even Stevie Nicks", live 2003, by CALEXICO: Summer is coming, and that means that - at least for Chicagoans - the street festivals are on their way. Calexico have been a staple at these Chicago fests over the past few years, and they always prove themselves to be a stellar live act.

"Dear God" by XTC: This one's for the new pope. This single kind of shocked me as a kid, especially that kid singing the opening and closing. I guess I was sheltered and hadn't heard such intense conviction as that whole "If there's one thing I don't believe in... It's you." As Homer Simpson says, "Mmmm, sacrelicious." And while I'm thinking of XTC, here's a live take (Australia, 1980) of "Life Begins at the Hop." Take this, Franz.

"Crazy" by R.E.M.: This R.E.M. cover comes from the pretty damned good b-sides collection DEAD LETTER OFFICE (which also contains all of the band's debut EP, "Chronic Town," in its entirety).



countrygrrl said...

what a great pic of the remington standard...wow what a piece of magic steel. Hadn't heard the REM track since god knows when..stuck it right on the mp3 straight away

Kid Z said...

Awesome. Been a while since I heard that XTC track. Yes, Homer indeed would have been quoted as such. And totally agree with you with the Gang of Four/Franz Ferdinand comparison. Franz are so jacking Gang's style that it's no longer funny.

thevitaminkid said...

The worst sin Dear God commits is that this song doesn't really fit on the album. They took off Mermaid Smiled, which really does fit with the other whimsical stuff on Skylarking, and replaced it with Dear God, which stands out like a sore thumb. As out of place as a polka track between the second and third movements of Beethoven's fifth symphony. Even Sacrifical Bonfire is a little grim, but it fits better than Dear God.