Fuck Internet Explorer


Fuck it in its stupid, stupid ass.

I'm sorry for all of the profanity, but I just can't help it. I should know better than to use the damned thing, but here I am at one in the morning, losing valuable sleep that could be preparing me for another shit day doing exactly what Elaine did on Seinfeld when she used to write for the J. Peterman catalogue. Seriously, that's what I'm doing now for Sears.com. Yesterday I wrote 2-paragraph blurbs about 17 different kinds of towels. And they all had to have a story. Like, if you were looking at a beach towel on their online catalogue and it had a sun sewn onto it, my copy would probably say something like, "Now you can even bring the sun out on a cloudy day at the beach!"

If anyone can show me the fast road to becoming a nurse... working in a hospital... even cleaning bed pans, I welcome any and all advice. I can't stand working at a desk any more. I'd rather deal with massive head trauma and sick kids on a daily basis.

And after all that bullshit I decide to stay up late just to deal out two sweet songs from CDs I just bought. I had little bios written up and everything for these 2 tracks, but I can't deal with that again. Both of these songs are from recently released albums. Check your local rekkid store for more:

"Untitled #1" by I AM KLOOT
"Interstate 5" by THE WEDDING PRESENT



Anonymous said...

2 words: mozilla firefox. your IE problems will be over...

chris said...

Firefox. Seriously.

Dylan Gaughan said...

I know, I know... I'm an idiot. I was only using Explorer (I usually use Safari, but I'll check into Firefox as well) because I had used a hyperlink in someone's email a few minutes before I started writing my post.

As a former journalism major/English minor, I should have also remembered: SAVE, ALWAYS.

Thanks for the help,

Anonymous said...

IE needs to be finished. Firefox is the one! IT is the one!

Jake said...

Hi. I found your page cause I searched for "FUCK INTERNET EXPLORER". Well, your blog seems to share my feelings.

FUCK INTERNET EXPLORER. Boycott it! Block it on all sites you develop!