FREE Natalie Portman NUDES!


Obviously, I'm kidding. If you followed this link over from a Google search, use your fucking head, man. Do you think if I had Natalie Portman nude photos, I'd be posting them here for free? Do you think I'd even be on a computer right now? I'd be sitting in a throne eating an entire LIVE lamb, while being paraded through Geek City. I'd be the new Louis the XIV. I'm the sun king, baby.

Silly wabbit, Internet tricks are for kids.

Now that I've got that old gem out of the way (honestly, I just wanted to see what kind of a spike that would make on my sad little traffic ticker on the right), here are a couple more songs for you tonight. I'm still trying to finish that writing job I have to get done, so I'm going to be up all night doing my homework for grown-ups. No babbling from me tonight. Just some rawk to help you and me stay awake:

A little NYC...
"Thank You for Sending Me an Angel" by the TALKING HEADS (Any time you need to stay up late, put this song on repeat. You'll go into this manic trance, especially if you set your crossfade to about 5 to 7 seconds.)

Some funky soul...
"This Land is Your Land" by SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS (Woody Guthrie would have fallen in love with Sharon Jones after hearing what she does with this one.)

Don't forget the hip hop...
"The Truth" by PHAROAH MONCH (COMMON guests here... sometimes that guy sucks, and sometimes he pulls it out. Here's one of the latter. TALIB KWELI is here as well.)

And for closers, why not a little hardcore?
"Stand Up" by MINOR THREAT (This is from the band's first demo tape, which they finally released on CD a little over a year ago... maybe longer. Miraculously, the band plays its already-insanely-fast songs even faster on this CD.)

Have a good weekend, y'all. Stand up, and be counted!

(Image straight jacked from my friend Russell over at KITTYTEXT.


Dylan Gaughan said...

I've also noticed that when I post a reply in the Comments section, those posts come out first in a Google search on my name and site. Strange.

countrygrrl said...

what a great version of this land is....I always have loved the Woody and Bruce versions but this is so damn funky...thanks for digging it out and posting it up. Got to your blog by way of bigrock who has some crackin stuff as well. Keep blogging

ogmb said...

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That should kick your ticker through the roof.