Records for sale - update

Like I mentioned before:

Anyone wanna buy some vinyl?

Here's the full list of what's goin' bye bye. I'm going to try and update it on a daily basis, since there are a few things I haven't added and some things that I will take down as they sell.

If there's anything on this .doc file that tickles your fancy, please feel free to contact me with questions. Shipping is 1.50 per LP, or free with any order over $30.

Thanks for any help you can provide:


And, since I'm not a completely self-serving douche, here's an a couple more numbers:

"Spin the Black Circle"(live, from Self Pollution Radio) by PEARL JAM

"Making Plans for Vinyl" by GO HOME PRODUCTIONS


Anonymous said...

sooo i want to buy one of your records... but what is your email address? i cannot find ANY way to get ahold of you on the site. please leave a comment with your email address so i can buy your stuff :)


Dylan Gaughan said...

Hey Phil,

Thanks for stopping by. My email is dgaughan@gmail.com. I haven't updated the list in a few weeks, so there may be some things on there that have been sold. Just send along a list of what you might be interested in and I'll let you know what remains.