No time to post anything new tonight, but I am going to redirect your attention to some free music elsewhere on the interwebs.

If you recall from a few months back, I posted a couple of songs from CANON BLUE's debut CD. At several thousands of downloads, those tracks went on to become a couple of the most downloaded songs in the history of Pimps of Gore, coming in only slightly behind a handful of Lee Hazelwood songs and a couple of 70s cock rock anthems from Mountain and Aerosmith (note to prospective bloggers: if you ever want to drive traffic to your site, include a lot of songs people might be too embarassed to buy with a credit card).

Needless to say, I was definitely pleased with the response. I was even more pleased to find this email from Canon Blue's Daniel James in my email box a few days ago:

hi dylan!

how are you man? i'm not sure if ever replied to your previous email
(editor's note: he had),
so if not im terribly sorry! i hope you are in good spirits and good

anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i'm giving away the new
canon blue ep 'halcyon' for free at this link:


you can also hear some of the songs and see the art at:


happy holidays!

Thanks, Daniel.

Okay, what are you guys still doing here? Go enjoy that EP. . .

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