A Satisfied Mind: R.I.P PORTER WAGONER


"Sorrow on the Rocks"

"Eat, Drink and Be Merry"

"Family Bible" (Porter Wagoner w/Willie Nelson)

"What Would You Do if Jesus Came to Your House"

"A Satisfied Mind" (Later recording)

"A Satisfied Mind" (Original single version)



CBlack said...

Thanks for these. I loved watching the Porter Wagoner show as a kid, even though country music really wasn't popular in our family. I'll miss him. By the way, that's a great album cover. Classic Porter, even though he's not in a Nudie.

nlm0.0mln said...

Didn't I see Jeff Tweedy in a Nudie somewhere this past week? Sorry for the tangent.

Porter Wagner, an american legend. Thank you, sir.