This summer I went swimming. . .


Writing about 50 songs over the last two posts got a little exhausting, but I just had to finish that damn list. Tonight I'm dialing the ambition back a few notches and just posting a couple of songs I've been listening to lately. Enjoy the brevity. For those of you who enjoyed that GBV Top 100, stay tuned over the next couple of weeks because I'm going to begin work on my next insurmountable task: The Jeff Tweedy 100.

"Eyes" by ROGUE WAVE: Rogue Wave had a "secret" MySpace page a few months ago that featured this unreleased track. Why didn't I post it then? I have no idea. Not really sure where this one comes from. The track info says it's from "Just Friends," but that could just be a little MySpace joke. Their listing also includes a few live BBC tracks, including this version of "Bird on a Wire". While I'm at it, I'm re-tossing up their cover of Buddy Holly's "Everyday".

"The Swimming Song" by LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III: The soundtrack to the Oscar nominated "The Squid and the Whale" features two Loudon Wainwright songs from one of his best albums, "Attempted Moustache" (that is such a great album title). I got to interview Wainwright a few years back when I was working for a Philly paper, but unfortunately I wasn't a huge fan of his music until a year or two later. I would have loved to talk to him about the brilliance of "Moustache" ender "Lullaby".

- The Rogue Wave home page
- Rogue Wave at MySpace
- Loudon Wainwright online
- Wainwright also played the dad on the classic cancelled series Undeclared.



-tr0y- said...

"everyday" is one of my favorite recordings of all time. i didnt know RW did a cover actually.

Dylan Gaughan said...

Head over to iTunes and check out the whole soundtrack to "Stubbs the Zombie." It's hit or miss (that's why I recommend finding your favorite tracks and only buying those), but there's some great stuff on there if you like the Rogue Wave cover.