THE BEES Knees (Did I just type that?)


"Chicken Payback" by (A BAND OF) BEES: Okay, there's one other song I really wish I'd had in my arsenal when DJing on New Year's Eve. "Chicken Payback" is one of the coolest 60s sweatshack soul songs that was created nowhere near that era. Pay back the monkey? Pay back the donkey? Dude, I don't give a shit what you're singing about, because your band is kicking my ass right now.

I found out about THE BEES' (they started out as a duo called The Bees, and then became a sextet now playing as A Band of Bees) "FREE THE BEES" album way too late this year, but if I were the kind of person who enjoyed making Top 10 lists, this record would have to steal a spot somewhere in there. The whole thing plays out like some sort of chronological history lesson on the last 5 decades of popular music. A couple of songs after "Chicken Payback," you get the early 70s Billy Paul/Delfonics-esque "I Love You." Click it now. How goddamn sexy is THAT?

Still not buying that history thing? Try some late 60s classic rock on "Horsemen."

- The Bees' home at Astralwerks.
- Bees home page.


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