NOVEMBER - Stereogum Killed My Bandwidth!

While I'm extremely flattered to have reached the pinnacle of bloggerdom -- to have my site linked on Stereogum -- their link to my site and the subsequent downloads from a few thousand people journeying over to check out the tracks from my last post have killed my bandwidth for the month. No more songs, no more pictures, until December 1st.

Anyone out there have a little extra bandwidth to spare? I was really hoping to reach my goal of 60 songs for the month, and I'm only a few tracks away. I can't imagine it would take more than a couple of GBs of space. I'd be more than happy to compensate you with cash, CDs, "oral favors"... you name it. I'm begging one helpful soul out there... don't let the dream die! I really don't like the idea of using sites like yousendit or those other semi-laborious hosting sites. I've always wanted my blog to be as easy as possible for people to use.

Anyway, I'm really happy that I got a bunch of exposure to a bunch of new readers this week. Hopefully some of you will stick around for a few days and will continue reading my site when I'm able to start posting again.

Dylan Gaughan


Maarten Kneppers said...

How does it work? How can we help ? (technically) THanks!

Amy said...

Hey Dylan,
Sign up for EZ Archive: http://www.ezarchive.com/zbox/app/home

It's $6 a year. Only 100 MB of space, but that space is, as far as I can tell, unlimited in bandwidth. We use it to back up our usual bandwidth-compromised host by uploading tracks that are more likely to be popular there. Email me if you have questions.

quinn said...

D, that's fantastic that you have so many new readers (but not so great about the bandwidth)! I really think you've got a great site here. If you ever get to it, I'd love to hear what you think about the indie band Clap Your Hands.