DJ Kicks, in a late late style...

It's been a busy - and somewhat nutty - couple of weeks. I've had two sets at the Goofy Foot since I last posted, and I even had an absolutely horrible set which took place at a Jell-o wrestling party well outside of town. Believe me when I say the Jell-o wrestling was nowhere near as sexy or exciting as it sounds. I couldn't have felt more out of place... one girl even came up and said "Play some Prince" WHILE I WAS PLAYING PRINCE!

In addition to all of this, I wrote three articles for the local city weekly paper and managed to find about 7 spare hours to come visit one of my favorite bars in town and pick out over 300 songs for them to add to their digital jukebox. So, I apologize for the lack of posting, and I'll try to work a little harder this month to keep the music coming.

I have to go to work and, whenever I find a moment of free time, try to plan out tonight's "DJ" set with my friend Mike. Here's a look at most of last week's setlist (minus, of course, the songs Mike played on vinyl).

THE GOOFY FOOT - Digital set for 8.26.05

1. Opened with Mike playing a Ravi Shankar record over an UNKLE remix of CAN's "Vitamin C", which lead to:
2. "Turtles Have Short Legs" by CAN
3. "Ponta de Lanca" by JORGE BEN
4. "Tao Longe de Mim" by OS BRAZOES
5. "Autobahn 66" by PRIMAL SCREAM
6. "Smash it Up (Pts 1 and 2)" by THE DAMNED
7. "She Sells Sanctuary" by THE CULT
8. "It's a Curse" by WOLF PARADE
9. "Death Valley '69" by SONIC YOUTH
10. "Dirty Harry" by GORILLAZ
11. "Let the Music Play" by BILLY PRESTON
12. "Over, Under, Sideways, Down" by THE YARDBIRDS
14. "Shack Up" by BANBARRA
15. "Shack Up" by A CERTAIN RATIO
16. "The Magnificent Romeo" by SOULWAX
17. "The Thrill of it All" by ROXY MUSIC
18. "The Wizard" by BLACK SABBATH
19. "Brakes On" by AIR
20. "Old Fashioned Way" by KEN BOOTHE
21. "The Corner" by COMMON
22. "Right Place, Wrong Time" by DR. JOHN
23. "Stood Up" by RICK NELSON


Anonymous said...

nice. keep em comin.

Pete said...

Thank you so fucking much!! Every once and a while that Jorge Ben song gets stuck in my head but I never knew who did it. Thanks, you saved my life!!


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