DJ Kicks, v. 2


Christ, I have to post more. A week has already blown by and my second night with Mike at the Goofy Foot has come and gone. (By the way, I don't want anyone to think DJ Kicks is what I've named myself... it's just the name of a series of compilation CDs put out by DJs across the globe. Mike and I have not reached any level of lameness where we think what we're doing needs a name. When that day does come, we will probably have to go with DJ Two Irish Honkeys Sitting Way Too Closely in a Tiny Booth.)

It was nice to see more people out last night, and I have to apologize to any friends in the house who may have only seen me for a few passing seconds. Guests are always welcome in the booth, so feel free to peek in next time.

Anyway, here's my half of last night's setlist, along with a few downloadable tracks for your enjoyment.

THE GOOFY FOOT - 08.12.2005
ANALOG Vs. DIGITAL (digital setlist only)

1. "Say That" by LATYRX: I'm pretty sure the producer on this track is DJ SHADOW, making an already exceptional piece of work from co-rappers Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker that much better. This track, along with the Mos Def track played a few minutes later, made one of my cranky acquaintances remark, "Are you going to be staying with the crunk thing all night?" If you think this is crunk, you, sir, are an ignorant asshole.
2. "Cloud Nine" by MARVIN GAYE
3. "Ghetto Rock" by MOS DEF
4. "Crying in the Chapel" by unknown artist
5. "Scissor Man" by XTC
6. "Friction" by TELEVISION
7. "Get Your Snack On" by AMON TOBIN
8. "Juice Crew Law" by MC SHAN
9. "Seventy Two Nations" by DADAWAH: Mike introduced me to this song a few hours before we headed to the bar. Not only is this track - which clocks in at over 10 minutes - a great way to sneak in a bathroom break and a little socializing, but it's soulful and funky as hell. This song rang in the midnight hour. You can segue into any number of things from here. We went with the Can song we'd played last week.
10. "Vitamin C" by CAN
11. "Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need" by PUBLIC ENEMY: Call THIS crunk, bitch. I met Chuck D once, and it will always be a highlight of my meaningless little existence.
12. "Feelin Alright" by THE OHIO PLAYERS
13. "Antmusic" by ADAM AND THE ANTS: I make no apologies for my love of early Adam Ant. This shit would be a hit right now if Franz Ferdinand or The Futureheads released it. I think Mike followed this with some GANG OF FOUR.
14. "Feelin" by THE LA'S
15. "Something to Say" by THE ACTION
16. "You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son" by WOLF PARADE: I'm sure I'm not the first blogger to mention it, but these guys might just blow the fuck up in the next few months when their debut is released. They sound like MODEST MOUSE mixed with THE ARCADE FIRE. Who would've thought that those sounds would become popular?
17. "Yeah Yeah" by BLACKROCK
18. "California Dreaming" by JOSE FELICIANO



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