Little Room: THE WHITE STRIPES on John Peel


If it hadn't been for a bootleg, I may have never become a fan of THE WHITE STRIPES. A few years back, when the band's third full length "WHITE BLOOD CELLS" was released, I wrote a review of that record for a suburban Philadelphia weekly. I knew so little about the band that I had to pair that review up with a review of BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB's debut album. I basically reviewed them both as modern bands who were reaching back to separate eras (the Stripes to the mid-60s garage rock and STOOGES albums, BRMC to the late 80s Jesus and Mary Chain-style fuzzy droning guitar rock).

I thought both records were pretty good, with a couple of great songs. I really loved the Stripes' "We're Going to be Friends" because it sounded like a Kinks-era Ray Davies track. I listened to the record for a few weeks and then just kind of forgot about it. It would be a few months before the Michel Gondry/Lego video would become wallpaper on MTV.

In the meantime, I was trading a few live concerts with someone online and noticed that they had a 2001 Peel session for the White Stripes. I asked for a copy. Three weeks later, it showed up in my mailbox and almost instantly became my still-favorite Stripes record.

While their records are great and contain moments of brilliance, hearing or seeing Jack White in concert is another thing entirely. Critics may complain about Meg White's simplistic drumming, but she actually works quite well for her brother/ex-husband's needs. Through nods, grunts and shouts, Jack instructs her on where he's taking a song. Sometimes he might go for an extended solo, slow the song down entirely, or drop a cover right into the middle of a song they're playing. Their sound is so huge, you can easily understand why the Whites feel the need to keep the music to themselves and not share the stage with extraneous bandmates.

If you've heard their records but never fully caught the bug, I hope these tracks from that Peel session give you the same change of mind that they gave me. (Oh, and if anyone out there can find me a copy of the New Year's Eve show the Stripes played with the FLAMING LIPS in Chicago, I will love you forever.) I can't count how many times I've given this CD to someone and made them a convert. Pay particular attention to the thrashing they give Dolly Parton's "Jolene," and the insane guitar work on "Death Letter." Also, please remember to play these songs LOUD.

Tracks from:
THE WHITE STRIPES - Live at Maida Vale Studios July 2001

"Let's Shake Hands"
"Jolene" (Dolly Parton cover)
"Death Letter" (Son House cover)
"Astro/Jack the Ripper"
"Hotel Yorba"
"You're Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl)"
"Hello Operator"

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julie said...

i will already love you forever just for posting this!

joel said...

So very VERY nice. Thanks a gajillion. By the way, do you have an archived post of other John Peel sessions?

scourtney said...

spot on again dylan....I was luke-warm on the White Stripes until I heard the Peel Sessions...they blew me away and I've been a huge fan ever since

Dylan Gaughan said...

Thanks everyone.

Joel - I don't have an archived Peel post, but it's something I've been wanting to do since he died a few months back. Once I get access to my old hard drive, I'll try and pull out some of my fave Peel tracks and post them here.

countrygrrl said...

they are kinda like how the stones used to sound before mick just needed the cash...raw and visceral...thanks..i thought they were a bit too contrived and poppy before hearing the life sessions..

Deathletter said...


I'm a MASSIVE Stripes fan, had this bootleg for ages and so it's great to see it being traded in MP3 blogs like the little-known classic it is. There was talk a little while ago about an official release, but now that Peel has gone who knows??

If you wanted me to steer you towards some other top quality WS boots, let me know.

Dylan Gaughan said...

Hey Deathletter, feel free to steer me in any direction possible. I have a few good radio sessions, but not too many concert boots that sound great.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting these online. As for the Stripes/Flaming Lips gig in Chicago, I can't help but be a little bit smug in saying I don't have a bootleg but I flew out from London for the gig. You know what though? It wasn't that great. I think Jack was still waiting to hear what would happen over the Von Bondies thing and he seemed like he just wanted to get the gig over with. If I remember correctly, his face was plastered in white makeup and he hid behind his hair even more than usual. I've seen them live five or six times and that was the least impressive of them all. I mean, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great.

Dylan Gaughan said...

I was at the show, too. I thought the Stripes put on a hell of a show, but maybe part of that was fueled by the fact that I was having a blast and it was New Years' Eve.