A quick one while I'm awake...


So, I was looking at my web stats last night and got some shocking news: My bandwith for the month of April has already been 25% consumed. I won't say how many gigs that equals (just in case the RIAA is browsing), but that's a LOT for 4 days of usage. My traffic has quadrupled since Friday. What I mean to say is that 4x as many people have been here since April started than ever visited in March. What the hell happened?

I couldn't figure it out until I got to go through my weekly routine of checking the 20 or so blogs I try to keep up with on a regular basis. Much to my surprise, I found my site profiled in the New Revolutions section at one of my favorite blogs (and one of the first ones to catch my attention and make me dive into this whole world o' blogging), The Tofu Hut. I'll say it right now, that motherfucker John gets some traffic, and deservedly so.

Here is John's review of my blog: "Pimps of Gore is doing some really excellent work: long, well-thought-out and equally well written theme posts, crawling with music, linkage and informed, inclusive commentary. I'm not especially drawn to his music selection, but this is PRECISELY the direction I'd like to see more music bloggers take: up the writing quality AND the quantity and you make yourself a must destination for me."

Damn. Thanks John. Flattery will get you everywhere. In addition, I've gotten some nice words from a few other places, including a nod from another favorite at Copy, Right?. I've even noticed that France is now my 3rd highest group of visitors (after the U.S. and "Undefined"). Viva la France, eh!

Hopefully, I'll someday be able to send thousands of people over to their sites to check them out. Hell, hopefully I'll one day figure out how to list my favorite blogs in a column on the right side of this page... but for now, I can only say thanks for the attention.

Because of all this added traffic, the Fiona Apple and Slint stuff is going to have to come down now. I may be able to handle an email request or two for .mp3s (if I don't reply to you, please don't feel hurt -- it means I've been deluged with requests and can handle no more). For tonight, since the e-spotlight is shining a little brighter than usual on me, I'm just going to post a couple of favorites in the hopes that I can at least sell these cats a few records while I have the eyes of a few extra strangers pointed my way. I'll be back to regular posting once this self-congratulatory mood wears off...

"Holiday Road" by MATT POND PA (Yes, it's that Lindsay Buckingham song from the end of the movie "Vacation")
"This is How it Goes" by AIMEE MANN

Bradley's Almanac weekly .mp3s
The Cool Out (70s funk, soul, vinyl)
Diddy Wah (great songs, informative writing)
Largeheartedboy (music and media, unbeatable)
Cocaine Blunts (hip-hop)
Soul Sides (classic soul, R&B, funk, hip-hop and more... top notch)
The Big Ticket
Music for Robots


ogmb said...

I claim "Undefined".

The flag of Undefined is kinda dark grey-ish, with slabs of something between mustcard yellow and mustard green and "hot sauce" in horizontal stripes.

Anonymous said...

Found you through Tofu Hut. You are doing a really nice job - good piece on the Kinks.

Dylan Gaughan said...

Thanks Anon, much appreciated. Check for a new post tomorrow morning.

As for you, ogmb, what's going on with your blog? Quit napping and post more.


Gunnar said...

Dylan, you have a great blog here. I wish i could write like that :)
Keep up the good stuff, you are an inspiration (i might even change the name of my blog, soon)!

ogmb said...

All the music I listen to is shite.

alex said...

You just won a seat on my all-star team for putting up Holiday Road. I bet you're good with movie quotes too.

Dylan Gaughan said...

My older brother and I used to speak in movie quotes at the dinner table, until my mom snapped and accused us of speaking another language. So yeah, if you need another body on your quizzo/trivia team, I might be an asset.


alex said...

Put'er in the basket, Chief!

I'm on a McMurphy kick today. Billy, what the fuck are you doing here? You should be out bird-doggin chicks and bangin' beaver.

Dylan Gaughan said...

The next woman takes me on's gonna light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars.

Love that movie.